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Give your child the gift of confidence and the joy of cooking!  Our culinary program offers all hands-on cooking lessons for budding young chefs.  We learn more than how to follow a recipe at LCS... math, science, teamwork, creativity and more!  There are options for one-time classes, 5-packs of classes, where you can choose any week or day as long as you preregister and you have 6 months to use it OR our best program: The Chef Club membership program with a low monthly tuition rate! Join our membership program...3 month membership...Come once a week, choose your day (Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday), receive 3 friend passes, $10 OFF any cooking event (PNO & Cooking Workshops) and recipes of the week!

Lil' Chef School Offers Junior & Master Chef Classes - Held Weekly

Junior Chef - Ages 5 to 12 SUMMER SPECIAL for our JR Chefs

These classes meet once a week for 90 minutes of hands-on cooking full of learning and fun, just choose your day!  Children learn cuisines of the world and enhance their experience with fruits, vegetables, herbs & spices while gaining confidence and experience in the kitchen that will last them a lifetime. Check out our Junior Chef Class Menu

Classes available 3 times a week:  Wed-Thursday: 4PM TO 5:30PM and
saturday: 9am to 10:30am

Membership Tuition - 3 Months   $299 (a $181 Savings!)
Membership Tuition - 1 Month FALL Special   $109
 (a $60 savings!)
One-Time Trial Class   $30

Master Chef - Ages 13 to Adult

These classes are open to students 13 & UP or those who have completed the Jr. Chef membership stage and have received approval from our Chef Instructors.  Master Chefs have "mastered" the basics of cooking, kitchen etiquette and safety, and have successfully passed their monthly Jr. Chef quizzes. Cost is $125 per month, with a minimum of 3 months enrollment.  Check out our Master Chef Class Menu ​​

Classes held once per week: Wed 4PM
Membership Tuition - 3 Months   $350 (a $65 Savings!)
Membership Tuition - 1 Month   $125
(a $15 Savings!)
One-Time Trial Class   $30

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